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The IRS tax code 165(i) includes regulations that allow you to deduct casualty losses which may include damage to your house, damage to your car, loss of furniture, among others. Taxpayers located in a Federally declared disaster zone can claim casualty losses in the tax return immediately prior to when the disaster occurred. In this case, an amendment to 2016 tax return. This allows for you to receive a tax refund sooner, if applicable to your case.

Please contact us if you suffered casualty losses due to Hurricane Harvey. We will gladly work with you to assess your case and determine if you quality for a tax refund.


The employees of Airline Crew Taxes are pleased and thankful to have the opportunity to assist you with your Income tax preparation and planning this year. We are here to provide you with the guidance necessary to navigate the ever changing tax code. We appreciate you and your family...

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Whenever it's time for me to do my taxes, I always go to Airline Crew Taxes. In fact they are right down the street from the employee lot. Very convenient...

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