Throughout life, it is important to cultivate friendships in order to be successful in achieving our personal and professional goals. Webster’s defines “friends” as someone that you enjoy being with, and/or as someone that is supportive. To prosper, as defined, means to flourish and grow. When we think of prosperity many of us initially think dollars and cents, and true enough, our jobs at Airline Crew Taxes is to help you prosper in a dollar and cents manner. Also true is the fact that this business is our livelihood and we do appreciate the economic benefits. However, the enrichment from the friendships you help us cultivate by allowing us to support and provide your tax needs is far more reaching than the economic substance. Over the past twelve years, we have most certainly created some lifelong friendships as a result of your support of our business. And to that, Airline Crew Taxes says, "THANK YOU FOR YOUR CONTINUED FRIENDSHIP AND PATRONAGE! WE WISH ALL OF YOU A HAPPY HOLIDAY SEASON AND A MOST PROSPEROUS 2015!" read more

Why Airline Crew Taxes?

Service available via mail-in, fax in, email, online, drop off or by appointment.

Bigger Tax Refunds - Maximizing all deductions, tax credits and write-offs available.

Per-Diem Calculation only $25 (electronic submission) - Full employee expense calculation with perdiem - $60. Your IRS form 2106 can then be included in your tax filing (if self preparing or using another preparer).

Faster Refunds - With electronic filing and direct deposit, money in 8 to 15 days from filing date.

Low Fee's - Competent, professional service at half the cost of comparable tax firms. If you do your own taxes, you could be costing yourself $100's or even $1000's

Paperless system we offer online forms over a secure connection that will allow us to complete your tax return without you ever stepping foot in our office. You can begin by clicking the "Online Forms" button above.

Information & Updates

We have been in business for over 12 years, having completed over 20,000 tax returns for over 4,500 clients in that time!

Audit Support and Representation is included in our tax preparation service.

New client discount! $20 off your tax preparation fees.

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