• Deadline is quickly approaching. File by April 1st to ensure completion by April 17th. To file an extension we will need a General Short Form and and W2's you may have.

  • Email Service
    If digital is the way you want to go, send us an email with PDF attachments of all your documents, forms and Tax Organizer to our secure email, We will confirm reception and be in touch with you throughout the process.

  • In Office Service
    If you would like to sit down with one of our preparers and have your return done while you wait, pick up the phone or fill out our appointment form and let us know your availability. We will set you up for an appointment.

    You are in the area and did not make an appointment? Come on in! Walk ins are welcome. We will try to accommodate you promptly.

  • Online Service
    You can’t make it to the office, but have some time while on a layover? You can reach us from anywhere! Simply fill out our online forms. We will be in communication about your file and you can always email us with any questions you may have.

  • Fax In Service
    If you prefer, you can send us your information via fax. We will receive it and be in touch throughout the process. You can always reach out to us if you have any questions.

  • Mail In/Drop Off Service
    If you decide to submit your documents via mail we do recommend that you send us copies of your original documents, this is to prevent any inconvenience caused to you in the case that your package is lost or damaged in the mail. You will receive a call confirming we have your information and we will be in touch throughout the process.

    No time to wait for your return to be processed? No problem! Even though our average appointment time per person is only 1 hour, we understand life gets busy some times. You can drop off your information and we will contact you as soon as it is ready.

We do not stop at offering excellent tax preparation services.
We also offer:

  • Bookkeeping
  • Formation of Corporations
  • Formation of LLC's
  • Formation of S Corporations

Contact us for more information concerning this services.


  • 1040 Short Form, no itemized deductions $65 / Short Form with EIC $95
  • Long Form with Schedule "A", some itemized deduction and credits, most common when maximizing deductions $145
  • Payment is due prior to electronically filing your return.

  • Electronic submission FREE
  • Postage and Handling $5
  • Direct Deposit FREE
  • Joint Return (Married filing jointly) $20
  • State Tax Return $45
  • Locality/Municipality taxes (Client must provide forms*) $30
  • Schedule "B" (Interest and ordinary dividends) $10-25
  • Schedule "C" (Sole proprietor business) $45-100
  • Schedule "D" (Capital gains and losses) $25-100
  • Schedule "E" (Rental property, per property) $45-65
  • K-1 $30 each
  • Form 2106 Employee expenses & per diem calculation with full tax preparation $35
  • Per Diem Calculation Only $30
  • Full Form 2106 Only, Misc. employee expenses & per diem calculation $60 (Form 2106 with per diem for you or your tax preparer to include in tax return.) CLICK HERE for our expense organizer.
  • Fee per additional IRS form when required (Additional Schedule "A" itemization, education, move, E.I.C., depreciation, K1's, investment sales, appraised charitable contributions, etc.) $10-70
  • 1040X Amendments for prior tax years (includes long form amendment with all schedules and per diem calculations) $99 We can go back 3 years and recalculate your taxes to get back any unclaimed deductions, credits, and per diem. IRS processing time is approximately 45 days. If there is no room for improvement, there is no fee.
  • $20.00 Late Processing Fee will be added to appointments/walk-ins on or after March 28th.


If you already purchased tax software (TurboTax, etc.), we will credit you $15-$30 for its cost. We are confident we will improve your tax return.

NEED TO FILE AN EXTENSION? We can help! Contact Us for more information.


  • Early Filing Discount: $15.00 off if your full file is in our office by February 18th
  • New Customer Discount: $20.00 off
  • Referral Discount: $15.00 off for every new client we receive referred by you
  • *Maximum combined discount total $50