Online/Email Service

If you decide to submit your documents via the online fill-in forms make sure that you give yourself enough of time to complete it. Remember to round all numbers to the nearest dollar. We recommend "online" forms only if you do not have a significant number of tax forms, as it can be time consuming to enter these forms (ex. 1099's and 1098's).

  1. Gather your tax documents (W2’s, 1099’s, 1098’s, etc.) and your last pay stub of 2017. Make sure they show your Year to Date (YTD) totals for non-taxable per-diem, union dues, uniform deductions and long term disability insurance if applicable.

  2. You can choose to attach them as a PDF and email to


  3. Go to the Online Forms link of this website and fill-in either the Tax Organizer long form (30-45 minutes to complete) or the General Information short form (10-15 minutes to complete). Do NOT fill in both (see recommendations for which form to use below).

  4. Proceed to transfer the data of any applicable forms that were received from your employer, lender, or brokerage firm to the fill-in form online. (If your W2 does not list your per-diem, usually listed in box 12 with a code (L), please look at your last pay stub of 2016 and find your Year to Date Total (YTD) of non-taxable per-diem and enter it the total into box 14 with the title of “Non-taxable per-diem”). Please submit each form once completed.

  5. Print your company end of month report showing the cities or city codes of you layovers and the duration of rotations/pairings/trips. Make any notes of when and where any company / FAA training took place.

  6. Complete the Per-diem calculator fill-in form by referencing the forms in Step 4. Make sure to follow instructions and in the notes section list when and where any company/FAA training took place. Submit when complete. You can also fax in your final pay registers, end of month reports, or Per Diem Audit Report to us in lieu of completing our per-diem calculator; please note on your fax that you have started your filing online.

  7. You should receive an e-mail or call once your online forms have been received. If you have not obtained confirmation that we received your online forms after 3 business days of submitting your final form, please contact us. We will contact you if we require further information to complete your file. If you fax, email or mail any additional information please state that the information provided is in addition to a tax return already started. Our file processing time is 4-7 business days from the receipt of your documents. If you fax, email or mail any additional information please state that the information provided is in addition to a tax return already started online. When your file is completed, we will contact you via email/telephone to request authorization to file your tax return and make payment arrangements for our services.

If you are a prior year client, we ask that you please still complete a Tax Organizer so that our client information is current and accurate. This organizer is also our primary means of maximizing expense deductions and tax credits.